Direct Current RADAR previews “Get Up”

Caitlin Canty first appeared on the DC RADAR three years ago when she collaborated with fellow performing songwriter Peter Bradley Adams for the duo Down Like Silver and an elegant self-titled EP. The following year she stepped out solo for Golden Hour, a project we described as “exquisite…bedroom folk and gentle Americana.” For her new album Reckless Skyline (January 20), Canty turned to producer, noted songwriter and guitarist Jeffrey Foucault and a razor sharp band of veteran studio players.

“The session was magic,” shes says. “It was a thrill to spend those long days in the studio with this team and hear the fire they brought to my songs…” The collaboration also led Canty into a slightly grittier, more electric territory as two-step ballads and delicate folk songs made room for some slightly rowdier musical company. Not surprisingly, Canty is looking forward to bringing her backing players on the road with her in January: “There’s nothing like the energy of a great live band and this one is so good it would be a pity to keep all the fun to ourselves behind closed studio doors”