PopDose calls Reckless Skyline “As good as it gets”


ROB ROSS on January 14, 2015 at 10:30 am

Delightful; warm; embracing. A few quick adjectives to describe Reckless Skyline, the new album from Caitlin Canty. This Vermont native delivers twelve songs that feel highly personal and intimate and are produced in the same manner. Tight and restrained, you hear the power of her vocals without much studio effect which makes the performances juicier. A mixture of Americana, roots rock and pure country, this is as good as it gets.

From the uptempo opener “Get Up” to the sprawling beauty of “True” (with its shimmering pedal steel runs), you can’t help but be immediately gripped by Ms. Canty’s voice, which is smooth and embracing. “One Man” chugs along with the classic swamp-boogie vibe, while “My Love For You Will Not Fade” begins stark with haunting vocals, stand up bass and spot on harmonies but builds dramatically and effectively with cello and tympani rolls. “Wore Your Ring” is stripped down with Ms. Canty’s sweetly and sultry voice, acoustic picking and tasteful slide guitar figures; “I Never” is a rollicking narrative and “Cold Habit” ends the collection with a peaceful shuffle.

All these songs fit together beautifully; it’s a well thought out gathering of some fine songs, quality performances by the musicians participating and deft songwriting. Caitlin Canty is a name I’ll be watching for going forward. And Reckless Skyline shines brightly.


Reckless Skyline will be available January 20th, 2015