The Grapevine praises Golden Hour

Is it just me, or when you listen to a new artist for the first time, does your mind try to compare them to someone else you know? On first listen to Caitlin Canty, I was reminded of Dido, one of the UK’s most successful modern singer-songwriters. However, both their hauntingly beautiful voices and girl next-door good looks are not where the similarities end, as Caitlin can clearly pen a good tune on her guitar. Raised in Vermont and now based in New York, Caitlin’s album would be the perfect soundtrack to listen to when you’re on a long lonely drive or on a roadtrip with friends.

I’ve never listened to a full folk album before today, but after listening to this, I could easily be converted to the world of easy listening. Caitlin could do to folk what Bob Marley did to Reggae music. I’ve always listened to music to suit the mood I’m in, but this is the sort of music that can suit any mood – whether you need to unwind after a hard day at work, if you need cheering up after breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend or if you want to enjoy a soothing soundtrack to a hot summer’s day.

Apart from a brilliant voice, one realises that Caitlin is a talented songwriter after listening to the album a couple of times. The lyrics are emotional and talk about the usual day to day issues that we all go through in life, as well as more thought provoking topics. I definitely recommend you check it out, even if you are not a fan of folk music.