House Concert

What is a House Concert?
…an invitation-only concert in someone’s home, presented by a host who does not profit from the event. House concerts are casual, intimate listening parties that provide an audience a unique chance to hear their favorite artists in an up-close and personal setting, while helping musicians survive on the road between club gigs.

House concerts are usually:
– 25-50 people
– $15-25 donation per guest (for the performer) or with a set fee from the host
– can include snacks, beverages or BYOB
– attended by the host’s friends, neighbors, co-workers, and a few fans of the artist
– performed with minimal or no amplification
– very intimate – the audience sits in close and is attentive
– performed in two 40-minute sets with a 20-minute break in between

How do I host a House Concert?
Invite 25 or more friends, family and neighbors to a concert at your home and ask that they make a suggested donation to the artist. If preferred, the host can provide the concert fee for the musicians. Gather chairs, patio furniture, pillows around a makeshift stage. Refreshments can either be provided by the host or done pot-luck style. Some house concerts are un-amplified, but Caitlin can provide a small PA. No PA is required of the host.

Booking Caitlin for a House Concert

If you’d like to book Caitlin for a house concert or have any questions, please email

The New York Times on house concerts